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The soundtrack for the film ‘Girl in Progress’ starring Eva Mendes, Cierra Ramirez and Eugenio Derbez will feature a wide selection of voices, including contemporary, classic singers plus a great collaboration from Mexican superstar Espinoza Paz among other surprises.

The soundtrack ‘Girl in Progress’ will be available on May 8th in stores and iTunes three days ahead of the premiere of the movie on May 11th - the same date for mother’s day celebration.

‘Girl in Progress’ is an emotional movie that tells the story of Grace (Eva Mendes), a single mother in the middle of a financial and emotional crisis who needs to deal with another tough reality: her awful relationship with teenager daughter Ansiedad (Cierra Ramirez). Derbez gives a moving performance in the movie and proves to be a key character for Grace’s journey. Matthew Modine, Patricia Arquette and Raini Rodriguez join the stellar cast.

The first single for the soundtrack, “Así o Más,” features Mexican singer songwriter Espinoza Paz in a special duet with the young sensation María José. The video and the single were released a few weeks ago and has been a success on radio and video charts.

The video for “Así o Más” shows both singers have great chemistry on the screen and debuts new sound for Paz, known as ‘El Cantautor del Pueblo’ (people’s singer). Espinoza Paz also has a cameo on ‘Girl in Progress’ as the cousin of Derbe’z character.

The ‘Girl in Progress’ soundtrack features, among other songs, the beloved classic “Sabor a mí” in a charming duet by Eydie Gorme and El Trío Los Panchos. Also two songs by Reni Lane, 3 by Beth Thornley and other songs by Queen Sea Big Shark y D’Anna Stewart featuring Osa and much more.

The "Girl in Progress" soundtrack includes the following songs:

1.  Eydie Gorme & Trío Los Panchos – “Sabor a Mi”

2.  Reni Lane – “Shake The Tree”

3.  Queen Sea Big Shark – “Hard Heart (Love Spy)”

4.  Beth Thomley – “You’re So Pony”

5.  Little Foot Long Foot – “May”

6.  Beth Thomley – “Everyone Falls”

7.  Beth Thomley – “Night Light”

8.  Espinoza Paz – “Mis Amistades”

9.  D’Anna Stewart feat. Osa – “Beat Back”

10. Jessy Moss – “Oh Child”

11. Andrew Belle - “Oh My Stars”

12. Reni Lane – “We Don’t Forget”

13. Espinoza Paz – “Así o Más”

Girl in Progress:

Cast: Eva Mendes, Cierra Ramírez, Eugenio Derbez, Matthew Modine, Patricia Arquette y Raini Rodriguez

Special guest: Espinoza Paz

Director: Patricia Riggen

Writer: Hiram Martínez

Producers: Benjamin Odell and John Fiedler

Rated: PG-13

Release: May 11th, 2012